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Arkhan games is now a hosting company, where we will host your favorite game server and provide all the support and maintenance you need, you only pay a small fee and manage as you wish. Meet our plans.


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Laghaim is an MMORPG released by the Korean company NAKO ENTERPRISE and popularized between 2005 and 2009 in Brazil, being released in Japan, South Korea, Europe, North America and Brazil. Today the privates dominate the market and bring news to this bele and exciting game.

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Cabal Online

Cabal Online is a famous action game where PVP mixes with the mission adventure. We have the ep8 + ep21 version with new skills, new maps, items and lots of fun.

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Last Chaos

Last chaos, another epic game from NAKO ENTERPRISE features a lot of action, wars and a sensational story allied with more elaborate graphics. It is an evolution of the Laghaim game that was most popularized.

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Mu online, is a classic in the world of online games. With all its fame and fun it has a huge audience and with its ideas and news is guaranteed success.

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Our plans work with an initial amount and then a monthly fee. We do not work with exorbitant values just so you can fulfill your dream of being an administrator.

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