Collaborate with the server and earn rewards!

Why donate?

By donating you are helping to keep the server online, with quality and always updated.
You get Arkhan Point's as a reward for collaboration that can be redeemed for various items in game.

  • Arkhan Point's: Valores apresentados nos sistemas após clicar no icone de sua escolha


Your donation can be made through the Pagseguro or SuperRewards ( Including paypal, skrill and much others ). Follows the data below.


10 Players Online
1º   Melkor 32767 Fame
2º   ATLAS 105 Fame
3º   Nietzsche 81 Fame
1º   Anastasia 10000 pks
2º   Zelena 10000 pks
3º   Arigoh 9600 pks
1º   Adrenaline Point 207414
2º   specialist Point 22143
3º   DarkEmpire Point 18349
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